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Organize the first steps of your project, run weekly sprints balancing workloads, and achieve your goals.


Create beautiful proposals, plan tasks, and count the hours spent working to get the most from your job.


Create proposals for your customer, follow the timeline, and bring your project to the end without missing your target date.


Build excellent customer relationships, easily keep track of your time, and perfect plan all your days.


Sales pipelines
pipelines icon

Sales pipelines

Simply manage your sales process. Switch leads between pipeline stages and mark deals as won or lost. Track down all the commercial efforts and needs for each deal.

  • checkmark Fully customizable stages management
  • checkmark Automatic tracking of all opportunity changes
  • checkmark Manage issues
  • checkmark Automatic productivity board for each deal
  • checkmark Keep track of all the failure reasons
Manage now your pipelines
Boards and tasks
boards_tasks icon

Boards and tasks

Create tasks and projects with a few simple clicks. Assign to your collaborators the tasks you want. With deadlines, priorities, time tracking, and much more, everything will be under control!

  • checkmark Quick and easy tasks
  • checkmark Time tracking
  • checkmark Priority tasks
  • checkmark Deadlines management
  • checkmark Project-specific accounting data
Organize your work now
Incomes and expenses
accounting icon

Incomes and expenses

Trace all income and expenses through a smart classification and an excellent system of filters. You will always have an ideal analytical view of company liquidity.

  • checkmark PDF export
  • checkmark Exceptional filters
  • checkmark Quick budget
  • checkmark Recurring movements
  • checkmark Income categorization
  • checkmark Create stripe payment link with one click
Track your transactions now
proposals icon


Create and store stunning proposals with our custom editor. Export in pdf or share the link to check how many times your customer will see them.

  • checkmark Quick and beautiful proposals
  • checkmark Visualization monitoring
  • checkmark Stadium organization
  • checkmark Export with modular documents
  • checkmark Manage installments
  • checkmark Create stripe payment link with one click
Get more customers now
registries icon


Save all your customers, collaborators and suppliers information. Check if they have some pending payments and rapidly contact them. Also, you can share them with anyone with one click.

  • checkmark Smart tags
  • checkmark Advanced statistics
  • checkmark Complete and modular contacts
  • checkmark Quick proposals and movements
  • checkmark Quick budget summary
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Project proposal

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Photo shooting

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Website developing

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Content creation

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Website design

03 - 12 Aug
Boards and tasks icon


Organize your tasks in vertical lists for a practical division into phases, categories or colors.

Personal calendar icon

Task table

Keep multiple tasks monitored at the same time. Here, you can quickly notice all the most important details about any single task.

Time tracking icon

Project timeline

Monitor workloads, avoid task overlaps and get a practical editable view of how much time the whole project will take.

A stunning workflow
for you and your team

  1. 1. Create the customer

    Register your new customer's data on Satiurn to always have all contact information at hand.

  2. 2. Create the lead

    Insert a new lead into the specific sales pipelines. Set the probability, the expected project's income, and keep track of your commercial efforts.

  3. 3. Write the proposal

    Prepare the proposal for your new customer. Satiurn will automatically fill in recurrent fields. Then you can focus on description and detail lines.

  4. 4. Send it from Satiurn

    Edit and export the proposal as a pdf or share it directly from Satiurn to find out when your customer will see it.

  5. 5. Start your productivity project

    Get an automatically created project directly linked with the lead. Organize in it all the work for you and your team thanks to three amazing views: kanban, list, and timeline.

  6. 6. Organize your work

    Assign deadlines, expected work times, collaborators, and priorities to each task. Maximize the profits of your new project.

  7. 7. Track the times

    Track the work time spent by your team for each task to distribute in a better way the workload.

  8. 8. Annotate your transactions

    Write down all the incomes and expenses of your project to have a detailed log always available.

Workflow UI
Saturn planet

Work with your team
wherever you are

Manage your business and keep your team updated with a few clicks. Satiurn's available wherever you are.

Privilegies icon

Flexible user privilegies

Set for each of your users the right privileges. Through a smart system, control access to finance, customer contacts, and proposals.

Boards and tasks icon

Assign tasks and boards

Assign tasks to each of your collaborators. Organize and distribute all the work efficiently, improving your team productivity.

Personal calendar icon

Personal calendar

Check for unfinished tasks, important reminders about your next appointment, and visualize all the transactions that occurred.

Time tracking icon

Measure working times

Keep track of the time spent on each task you assigned. Monitor your team workloads and estimate a correct hour salary.


Complete integration with your Stripe account. With one-click connection you will able to create payment links ready for your customers.

Coming Soon

Coming soon online. This gives you full support for over 200 applications. With this integration you will be able to synchronize Satiurn data with all your favorite platforms.

Start now being productive with Satiurn